About Us

Who, What & Where?

Who We Are.

The NFT Pixel Project was brought to life by two ordinary people with entrepreneurial minds and a love for all things crypto. The idea came about by complete accident when thinking of NFT ideas for a completely separate project.

Now here we are, extremely excited and fueled by our vision for and belief in the project.

Feel free to head over to our contact page and say hi.

Our Mission.

Our goal is to successfully deliver the world's first pixel by pixel community designed NFT. We hope that this project will represent a pioneering moment in NFT history and result in a limited release community designed NFT that will be valued for years to come. It’s our wish that this project not only shows the power of blockchain technology but just as importantly manifests as a snapshot in time, and a way of remembering where we are now in this moment, showcased on a nostalgic masterpiece to look back on in the future.

Where We’re Heading.

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed already... but we really believe in this project. Our current focus is purely on generating traction and sharing this project with the world. We really hope that this project will inspire many others, both those already involved in crypto and NFT’s, as well as those completely new to the space. We’re always open to converse and share ideas with like-minded individuals so please feel free to get in touch; tomorrow brings endless opportunities.

Potential NFT's
Community Artwork

The Team

Team 1


Technical Manager

The creator of the platform, any technical issues regarding your account send Anthony a message with your problem.

Team 2


Community Manager

Daniel is the face of the project. If you want to get in touch with the team, Daniel should be your first option. Feel free to fire any questions or queries his way.