Current Price Tier 3: 0.0005 BTC Per Block.
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Pixel Price Tiers

  • 1
    First 50k
  • 2
    50k - 500k
    0.00005 Per Block
  • 3
    500k - 900k
    0.0005 BTC Per Block
  • 4
    Last 100k
    0.0005 BTC Per Block

Inspired by The Legendary Million Dollar Homepage

step 1

1. Add Your Image

Upload your image to the platform and select where you want to place it on the canvas. Leave your very own mark on this momentous NFT.

Step 2

2. Pay For Your Pixels Using Crypto

Securely pay for your pixels with the power of crypto payments. Your chosen pixels are reserved for one hour until payment is received.

Step 3

3. Receive Your Own Unique NFT

Once all of the pixels have been sold, we'll send you your exclusive copy of the final NFT Pixel Project artwork.

NFT Prototype


Inspired by the famous Million Dollar Homepage

This NFT aims to represent a snapshot in time, the age of the emergence, adoption and utilisation of crypto currency and blockchains. Something that everyone who has contributed to this NFT is a part of.

There will be a limited number of the completed NFT artwork available, these will be given to every contributor of the final artwork. Please note that you can only receive one copy of the completed NFT per account.

Start Here

Own a Piece Of History

Inspired by the famous Million Dollar Homepage. This is the first pixel by pixel community designed NFT. We hope to create a snapshot in time of a moment in which we’re all a part of; the emergence, adoption and utilisation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.


There can be a maximum of 10,000 NFT’s available, although this can be significantly reduced dependant on how big the contributors images are. An average contributor image size of 20x20 pixels would result in only 2,500 NFT’s being available.


We believe in the power of giving back and we hope you do too! 11.1% of all proceeds from this project will go to the #Walk2EndALZ (Alzheimer’s) charity.


This NFT is the culmination of all of your contributions, it is your images that will make up the final artwork. How this looks and where we go with it is a reflection of the community right now in this current moment in time.


As you can imagine, we only accept cryptocurrency payments, this is because blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is the foundation of the project and the driving force of what we are trying to achieve.


Once all of the pixels are gone the project is over and the NFT is complete. How long this will take depends on the popularity of the project and how many people add their unique image to the artwork.

Leave Your Mark On The NFT Pixel Project Today.

You can quickly make an account, then seamlessly add your own image to the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NFT Pixel Project?
Inspired by the very popular Million Dollar Homepage, the NFT Pixel Project is a limited release community designed NFT created by the community for the community. There are one million pixels available on the canvas, but the contents of each pixel are decided by you. Every person who adds an image to the canvas is leaving their own mark on the NFT and in return receives the NFT once the project is complete.
How much does it cost?
Contributing to the project and adding your image is completely free for the first 50,000 pixels on the canvas. After these are all sold the pricing will use a tiered structured starting at 0.000005 Bitcoin per pixel. We use CoinPayments for our crypto payments allowing you to pay with Bitcoin, but we also accept payments with Ethereum or Litecoin which will be converted to Bitcoin using the current live CoinPayments exchange rates.
What do I get in return?
You will receive an exclusive NFT of the final artwork, as well as being a part of NFT history and having your name on the NFT Pixel Project website with a link to your website if you have one or choose to do so.
How many people will receive the final NFT?
The number of people who will receive an NFT is dependant on how many people contribute to the project with their artwork, this is because every contributor receives an NFT but only a limited number of space is available on the canvas. There are one million pixels available on the canvas, with the minimum image size set to 10x10 pixels (100 total pixels) it would take 10,000 users to fill the canvas, resulting in a maximum of 10,000 NFT’s being distributed. Although, we estimate the number will be much lower, as an example an average contributor image size of 20x20 pixels (400 total pixels) would require only 2,500 user images to fill the canvas, resulting in only 2,500 NFT’s being distributed to those contributors.
When will I get my NFT?
Once all the pixels are filled, the project is complete and we will start production of everyone's NFT. We will hold a main auction to raise money for charity and to cover the gas fees associated with sending the NFT to the wallet addresses of everyone who contributed to the completed NFT. We really appreciate your support and patience. We expect you to receive the NFT within 2-3 weeks after completion of the main auction.